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Google will terminate the cooperation with the agency to take over Shanghai by Google

Publish Time:10/11/2012 12:16:11 PM

Google Inc. recently sent a letter to the user agent of change in the AdSense e-mail announcement, Google said in the message, from May 1, 2010 start of the original structure Shanghai Advertising Co., Ltd. will no longer find Google in China's advertising agency business replaced by the Google Advertising (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. undertake related services.

It is understood that in 2008 Google advertising agency in China will be subcontracted to organizations seeking Shanghai Advertising Co., Ltd., the Shanghai organization seeking to bear the related services AdWords and AdSense, Google is the first country in the world-class advertising agencies, As the Shanghai organization in assuming Google search advertising agreement after the release of Chinese had a "you acknowledge and agree that Shanghai organization may, without further notice to you to find and choose a charity to donate to their program-related, but by the Shanghai organization should seek to retain All money paid to you, compensation and other payments "(Note to editors: For Feng Ting account) and other terms, once considered too overbearing owners.

In assuming the AdWords and AdSense advertising business, the organization has repeatedly issued to find the appropriate tax invoice, is webmaster for Google in China joking invoice on behalf of the company, but there is no AdSense account structure to find and review rights.

And because change service providers plan to place ads on Google China moved to Hong Kong after the service, so this is considered to Google advertising business in China to keep a symbol of independence.

Termination of agency e-mail notice reads as follows:

The following is the contents of references:

Dear Customer:

Thank you for a long time searching through the Shanghai Advertising Co., Ltd. structure ("structure seeking") in Google AdSense Online Standard Terms and Conditions ad network.

In order to better closer to you with an online advertising service, and to further enhance the quality of services related to online advertising, agencies have been searching with Google ads (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. be agreed by the Google Advertising (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to find alternative structures provide you with your participation in the Google AdSense ads Union under the terms of the standard online services. We therefore advise you, since May 1, 2010 ("Effective Date"), the Google Advertising (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will replace the structure look as Google AdSense ads Union Online Standard Terms and Conditions of the Parties, the Google ads (Shanghai ) Co., Ltd. will bear the organization look at Google AdSense ads Union Online Standard Terms and Conditions under all relevant interests, rights, obligations, duties and responsibilities; and from the commencement date, the Google AdSense ads Union Online Standard Terms and related services, you should to Google Advertising (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. for the right person to fulfill your responsibilities and obligations; accordingly, the Google AdSense ads Union under the terms of the standard online services, agencies will no longer find any of your rights and interests have also not assume any obligations, duties and responsibilities.

If your have any questions on the above arrangements, please click on this link, read frequently asked questions.

Some owners worry that the plan change will lead back to the U.S. collection of the era. However, because of AdSense from October 25, 2007 began to use Western Union, than in Shanghai Google advertising agencies to find agency even earlier, so the agents of change should not affect the normal payment to owners.

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