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Network transaction management approach views open shop does not levy compulsory license to do

Publish Time:10/11/2012 12:22:22 PM

    State General Administration for Industry and Commerce drafted the "Network behavior of commodity trading and related services Interim Measures (draft)" yesterday, the whole society for advice. The way to set up an online shop e-commerce platform by the seller clearly divided into two types of legal and natural persons, the former shop in the business when he was asked prominently in the pages open a business license and other information, and for many set up shop in a personal capacity users, "Interim Measures" only that "with the registration requirements, industrial and commercial registration law," not mandatory to apply for business licenses.

    Individual sellers file the registration to be done

    Previously there have been some local industrial and commercial law enforcement agencies issued     regulations, requiring an individual shop owner must apply for business licenses. But in yesterday's "Provisional Measures", the relevant provision does not make a mandatory requirement. Individuals set up shop, only to online trading platform for service providers to submit an application and submit the name, address and other information about real names. For the temporarily registered with the conditions of individual industrial and commercial users, the platform service providers need to review their real identity information registration and a registration file, check regularly updated. At the same time, the platform service providers are required to "an obligation to make the other (natural) acknowledge and agree that registration agreement, and drew attention to the other terms of obligations and responsibilities." If you violate these provisions, the platform service provider in order rectification within the time limit is not correct, will be a fine of 10,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan shall be imposed.

    "These provisions and the provisions of the current mainstream e-commerce platform is not much different." Relevant person in charge of Taobao, said, "We the seller to verify the identity information has been a very tight system, so that after the promulgation of regulations, some things clear the better. "

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