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Optimistic about China's IT Leadership Summit 2010 Internet

Publish Time:2012-10-11 12:08:21

28 Sunday, organized by the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government of China's IT Leadership Summit 2010 held in Shenzhen. China's Big Three Internet Ma, Li, Ma FY sit together freely about each other laugh, which is not too over the past three to five years, the next three to five years will not be some chance, of course, become the focus of the industry and the media. For a time, the network industry has apparently depressed in fresh from the previous one up. The surface is to help everyone Cougerenao, in fact, the unique value of the far-reaching significance, put three reasons. First, the past two sessions, a great promise a representative of the Internet industry is only Mr. Chen, said the industry base in which the "opposition" status quo, the rich and not expensive, depression, head gray scale face. But not half over, the Internet mainstream in the Shenzhen People's Government set up the stage to become a veritable seat guests, living in temples, pointing country. This is a contrast, but also the kind of attitude. Secondly, this summit, Merrill Lynch Chairman Liu Erfei as host, asked two indomitable sensitive topic: Google after the withdrawal of China's market structure, regulatory policy and the national team in nearly forced under the "country back." This is the stage in local government, the Western capital enthusiastic host of background, such as local hero Li magnanimity also full of witty answer, full of games won hilarious. Harmony, very harmonious. We are also fortunate to hear some of the more avant-garde suggestions: for example, to set up a department responsible for managing the Internet, the Shenzhen Special Administrative Region is set to monitor the Internet and so on. Third, the summit participants Ogata, the basic outline of the big business to China's future. Government take (Shenzhen), the Internet as the main character (Baidu / Ali / Tencent Big Three), gathered around the capital (Hong Kong Stock Exchange, in gold, Softbank Asia, deep venture capital, Hina, Broadband Capital) , the traditional IT (TCL, Kingdee, Digital China, Neusoft), the new forces (BYD, innovative workshops, Vimicro, Huayi Brothers, Best Logistics). In fact, among the several blocks long in the capital, products, services, contacts with each other to get through several levels. For example, it is said that Ma Huayi and BES investment, and this man to take VC money, listed in Hong Kong, and then stake out the money to VC, while traditional IT suppliers to OEM its Taobao phone. It appears that this system Renduermai has through. In fact, to do this is not easy. Transfer gossip, invite the guests by the Mayor of a great man personally call. Otherwise, Li and Ma How willingly accept open sitting face to face cross-examination, otherwise how could Ma willing to sit in the audience holding the top two feet, or such as China International Capital Corporation Limited Mr Zhu these VIP How the scene on the Road. Arbitrary point, said today China has the desire, and ability to do such a body, which is one of the few. First, the media generally think of, all participants reflected the general pattern, the need for industrial and commercial details have a clear understanding of the macro, most of the media have lost this ability. Second, even if someone Weapon, the media certainly can not do such a formation and precision, including CCTV, including. Third, even if the local government can do, is not casual which local governments can do. Shenzhen is a DC front, the strength of a guarantee do we have recognized, feel surprised. The city in the financial, high technology, logistics, IT and other fields as well as traditional resources and capabilities are excellent, so the industry buy. Basic means to express this clearly. The IT Summit held in Shenzhen is quite backing, there is crushing force, interests far-reaching, the author of Shenzhen, this place of intimacy and trust could not help but inexorable rise. One more thought the last clue: born after the reform and opening up, by the relative self-reliance of pure market forces work hard together, culminating in an industry far ahead of the top local businesses, more than half come from Shenzhen. For the first five major industries: Telecom: Huawei Bank: China Merchants Bank Real Estate: Vanke Insurance: Green Internet: Tencent Cite three emerging industries: Training: clustered into IT supply chain: Eternal Asia Venture Capital: Venture deep Last position: promising "Shenzhen genes." Published in: FT Chinese network Author: Cheng Ling Feng, Internet observer and participant. Tencent Technology is currently Director of the Centre, a former editor of ZDNet, launched an open blog network, with a "network of rivers and lakes Thirty-Six," a book.

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